Victim Risks

If you are a victim of abuse, may be very familiar with the harm that comes from another’s behavior toward you. It is important that you think clearly and objectively about how you are working to change your situation. It is important not to underestimate just how dangerous the violence is, how quickly it can become lethal. Understanding the risks will help you see the necessity of careful planning and gathering appropriate resources.

Risk escalates at the time of disclosure
When an abuser finds out that a victim plans to leave them, or that the abuse is no longer secret, they may try to take full control of the situation. Sometimes they simply decide to kill the victim. It’s very important for victims to take full precautions using a safety plan.

Loss of home and valuables
Victims may need to leave their home abruptly in order to save their lives, and unless a safety plan is in place, you may end up losing your valuables.

Separation from family and children
Speaking up about the abuse may lead to separation and divorce in cases of domestic violence. Legal custody of children may not be given to the victims by the court.

Serious injury and Incarceration
Sometimes, speaking up leads to physical fights, and victims end up committing violence in self-defense. They can be imprisoned if the Court decides to do so.

It is very important to follow a safety plan before taking any other action.



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