About the Survey Team

Salma Elkadi Abugideiri serves on Peaceful Families Project's Advisory Board and is a licensed professional counselor in private practice in northern Virginia. She has conducted training events across the U.S. and internationally for professionals, Muslim leaders and Muslim communities focusing on domestic violence in Muslim communities. She also has authored several publications and developed resources for providers focused on this topic.

Maha B. Alkhateeb. As a co-founder of the Peaceful Families Project, and Co-director of PFP until 2012, Maha organized workshops for Muslim leaders and cultural sensitivity trainings for service providers around the U.S. She continues her work as a domestic violence advocate from her position on PFP's board.

Allison Celik is the Outreach and Development Manager for Project Sakinah. She holds a Masters of Public Administration degree with a focus in nonprofit management, and has worked in analyzing research data for a variety of nonprofits, using tools such as SPSS.

Anas Coburn is the Managing Director of Project Sakinah. He holds a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. His practice experience includes serving clients living within a culture of generational poverty and suffering from physical and sexual abuse while living in 'high-risk,' chaotic, multi-stressed families.

Sharon A. O'Brien, Ph.D. is a Family Violence Research Consultant who focuses on how faith communities can respond effectively to family violence. She is a Founding Board of Director of Peaceful Families Project. Her community involvement includes being the Past President of Interfaith Community Against Domestic Violence and the Co-Organizer of Catholics for Family Peace.

Bushra Sabri is a post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. She holds a Masters and PhD in Social Work from the University of Iowa. Her practice experience includes work in mental health, substance abuse and victim service settings. Dr. Sabri’s research focuses on interpersonal violence, substance abuse, mental health, and racial/ethnic differences in risk and protective factors associated with violence and health outcomes.



“In the Beginning”

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