About Family Violence

Violence within families is happening every day, in every culture and country, the world over. But violence within our families destroys individuals, hurts everyone in the family, and its harm impacts our communities at the core.

Many of us think of Domestic Violence when we hear the term family violence, but violence between spouses is actually just one piece of all that can go on. Abuse of children, abuse of elders, abuse of one sibling by another – all are serious issues we need to address. Family violence sets victims up for a lifetime struggle to learn to deal with the trauma they have experienced. It leaves emotional, behavioral and physical scars. This harm can occur just from growing up in a violent household, even if you are not a directly abused. In some states a child who witnesses abuse is considered a victim just as much as the parent or sibling who is receiving the directed violence.

In this section of the website we explore a variety of topics:

We also have an extensive number of blogs, videos, and other resources on the site, and encourage you to look through them.

There are many ways to help stop violence within our families. Everyone can do something, and that’s what it takes to create lasting change. So, Take Action to help our brothers and sisters in need. This issue calls out for our attention and care. Giving it just that can save lives.

** If you or someone you know may be a victim of any type of abuse, or a perpetrator, we urge you to seek HELP immediately. **



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