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Types of
Family Violence

From casually humiliating a child, to punching a spouse you think isn't listening, violence in families hurts.

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Hear Our Stories

Courageous survivors are breaking their silence about harm at the heart of our community. You can't turn your back when you know.

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy families grow from sound relationships. Marriage can be a means of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth.

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Unhealthy Relationships

The signs of abusive relationships aren't always this obvious, but learning to recognize them is the first step toward healing.

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Stop family violence now!

Family violence is a global issue that affects everyone. Project Sakinah is an initiative of Dar al Islam. It is an effort to stimulate awareness and action in the Muslim community to WAKE UP to the reality of the harm being done to our families, to learn to SPEAK UP in order to break the silence that surrounds the issue, and to TEAM UP with others to work to change our condition.

<a title="#MyJihad Social Media Campaign " target="_blank" href="">#MyJihad Social Media Campaign </a>

#MyJihad Social Media Campaign

Project Sakinah is proud to be partnering during the month of March with MyJihad in a social media campaign against domestic violence, child abuse, and for healthy marriages and effective parenting. It’s your chance to tweet your support, so please join us and declare your jihad to reclaim our Prophet’s example for peaceful families. Click here here for more details.

<a title="United in Purple for Aasiyas Everywhere" href="" target="_blank">National Webinar: United in Purple for Aasiyas Everywhere</a>

National Webinar: United in Purple for Aasiyas Everywhere

This year marks 5 years to Sr. Aasiya Zubair’s death at the hands of her husband. On Saturday, February 15, attend this webinar and find out what four leading groups of Muslim activists are doing to address domestic violence, and how you can get involved. More details here.

<a target="_blank" href="/ResourcesTools/DirectoryofServices.aspx">Project Sakinah’s Directory of Services</a>

Project Sakinah’s Directory of Services

includes individuals and organizations who provide services to families in need, including counseling, shelter, community outreach, legal, medical and religious services. We ask everyone to help us by entering information about your local resources. This might save another family from breaking apart. Please add a resource add a resource now.


Foster Parenting Webinar 101


Lubna's Story: Life without Nazish

My mind often wanders to the night she died and I find myself reliving the entire ordeal. It was the 16th of Ramadan. We had just broken our fasts. We chatted about everything from food, kids to Eid outfits. The last thing she said to me was “I’ll be right back.” She never came back. If I had known I would never see her alive again, I would have asked her to stay a little longer, I would have held onto her tightly, I would have told her I loved her and that I will miss her.

Hear Our Stories



“Handcuffed” - by Isra

Patience in an unrelenting environment does not come easy or free. Islam provided one of the earliest documented stands against domestic violence. Every single one of us reading this holds the key to these victims shackles. More....



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